NOIR Raleigh is one of the best reasons to come to Glenwood South.  When you walk up to Noir, you notice Raleigh's best patio for people watching and socializing.  Lit up trees, plenty of seating and friendly staff await you as you come on the patio.  Through the windows, you'll get a peak at what Noir is all about.

Inside Noir, your senses will be engulfed by all there is to see, feel , hear and touch.  Crystal chandeliers, exposed brick walls, thumping music, and a beatiful black bar.  Noir brings to Raleigh a classic, old school European feel with the latest in music and lights.
Step up to the bar and order an Old Fashion, Champagne cocktail or a round of the latest shots.

We are strictly 25+ For men and 21+ for FemAles!  


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